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ARCHIVE - RSI Risk Analysis: Suggestions for Interpreters and Trainers

  • 01/23/2025
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • On Demand




Webinar Description 

Remote simultaneous interpreting (RSI) – describing a conference convened at one location while interpreters are at home or at a hub office – is a new trend that has seen increased application in the past few years.

Built on previous research on this topic and the presenter’s first-hand experience as a conference interpreter on many RSI projects, the presenter explains the unique challenges and risks that RSI poses to conference interpreters from five perspectives: assignment preparation, effective communication, technology, teamwork, and remuneration. Additionally, the presentation provides suggestions to new interpreters and interpreter trainers on how to be better prepared for this trend and how to tackle these challenges.  

This presentation aims at providing new interpreters and interpreter trainers with useful information from the field at the early stages of the inevitable and irreversible trend of RSI.

Learning Objectives
We hope that audience will learn:

  • to prepare for remote assignments effectively,
  • work smoothly with partners, speakers, and audience during interpreting projects,
  • avoid potential risks in remote interpreting settings after this webinar.
Presenter:  Miao (Maggie) Hong

Miao (Maggie) Hong is a professionally trained conference interpreter, certified court interpreter, certified medical interpreter, and published translator. She provides interpreting and translation services for clients in all sectors and specializes in over 20 subject matter areas. She graduated from Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey with a MA in Conference Interpretation and is currently living in Chicago.



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